Whether it's salvaging a rare WWII German fighter out of a frozen lake in Siberia, or discovering long-forgotten aircraft parts in hangars and storage facilities, Chasing Planes will take you along on adventures in aviation history.


Starting at an early age, Gordon Page was obsessed with anything that had to do with airplanes. Compelled to always look up to see what was flying overhead, he quickly developed the ability to identify anything with wings. Since then, Gordon has spent his life Chasing Planes.

Follow Gordon on his adventures as a pilot, historian, broker, and aircraft appraiser that detail real-life experiences and the efforts to save aviation history.

Get an inside look at how aircraft and artifacts are appraised, acquired, restored. and displayed.

Tag along to meet collectors and hear some amazing stories behind these historic aircraft.



Want More? Read the Book That Started It All!

“Entertaining, informative, and educational. A delightful, easy read packed with plenty of “hangar flying,” aviation advice and life philosophy. Great gift for the “plane crazy!”

Penny Rafferty Hamilton, Ph.D., Aviation writer and researcher

“Gordon Page brings the reader along on some of his most memorable, eclectic road trips, one colorful and character-filled aviation adventure after another.  Whether he is sharing a fun, or frightening, or frustrating experience, every chapter of Chasing Planes is a captivating journey in itself.  My bags are packed!”

-Ron Kaplan, National Aviation Hall of Fame

"Chasing Planes captures some great flying stories that remind me of my days ferrying planes during World War II. A must-read to get a taste of the adventure of flight."

-Kathryn Gunderson, Women Airforce Service Pilot (WASP), Class 43-W-5.

"Gordon Page is one of my favorite radio guests.  His interviews are filled with great information, but it's the phone call after the show that always leaves me wanting more.  Gordon's latest book, Chasing Planes, is the next best thing to that phone call.”

-Matt Jolley,

“One of the greatest, and seemingly indispensable, talents any good pilot can master (outside of flying itself), is the ability to tell a tale. We pilots are drawn to the latest and greatest in aviation adventures and those with the ability to impart such stories with style, accuracy, and passion are even rarer than the oh-so-uncommon guy that can nail a perfect landing every single time. Gordon is the even rarer double threat… he has plenty of tales to tell and the skill to make them unforgettable.”

-Jim Campbell, CEO/ Editor-In-Chief, Aero-News Network

“If you go adventuring, you should know that there may be snakes, trucks that don’t work, short trips that stretch beyond the days you planned, and those along the way who may make the path more difficult. But there will also be joy, laughter, and a sense of fulfillment that only following your dreams can bring. In that sense, Gordon Page’s book, Chasing Planes, is where the love of aviation took him. More importantly, it’s a book about having the courage to follow your passion. It’s a great ride you don’t want to miss.”
-Paul Hinton, Pilot and Aviation Industry Professional

“Chasing Planes is informative and entertaining. It is a must-read for anyone whose face lights up when an airplane flies overhead!”
-Tim Guerrero, Campus Academic Dean, Redstone College

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